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Regulus Astrology LLC:  Research Projects


Since 1980, the revival of traditional astrology has primarily concerned itself with history, translation of texts, and transmission/impacts on culture. As important to understanding the practice of astrology as these topics are, there is no guarantee that these ideas remain relevant and their stated methods actually work. What is required is systematic testing of the assumptions and models behind Medieval Predictive Astrology. To this goal Regulus Astrology LLC dedicates its research efforts.



Summary of Research Findings


Essential Dignities. This site uses traditional sign & exaltation rulers, Dorothean triplicity rulers, Egyptian bounds, and Hindu decans.

Download a complementary Dignity Wheel here.



I. Rectification


A Rectification Manual: The American Presidency (December 17, 2007) is designed to provide concrete answers on the mechanics of medieval predictive methods:  how they can be systematically employed, taught, and practiced by contemporary astrologers viewed through the lens of natal chart rectification. As the book’s introduction makes clear, there is no current consensus on rectification because the modern predictive toolbox is grossly under specified. A three stage rectification method is proposed which incorporates the full gamut of medieval predictive techniques. Their application is sequenced such that the robustness of each method is commensurate to the level of uncertainty encountered during each stage of the rectification process. 


Errata for 1st and 2nd Edition books purchased in 2007/2008
3rd Edition updates for 1st and 2nd Edition owners
Horoscope Data Files:
Janus, Morinus, Placidus, Solar Fire


II. Delineation


1st House - Longevity: vitality and length of life. Whether a child will be stillborn, take nourishment, survive infancy, or survive to adulthood was considered the first delineation topic in natal astrology for medieval astrologers. 


1st House - Physiognomy: form and shape of the face and body. Defined as judging character from bodily features by the Greeks in the 4th Century BCE, physiognomy was first developed by a group of medical-philosophers operating outside the scope of astrology.  Beginning with Ptolemy, astrologers split judgments of physical appearance and character into two separate categories.  What is now referred to as astrological physiognomy is limited to physical appearance of the face and body.


1st House - The Soul: overall life purpose and social conduct including ethical behavior.  The Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato strongly influenced astrologers in their efforts to delineate the soul based on planetary configurations in the natal horoscope. Broadly speaking, philosophers believed the soul comprised those qualities which corresponded to “aliveness.” Among these qualities was the ability of humans to reason, paying special attention to the connection between reason and the ability of an individual to lead a moral life. Within the Hellenistic astrological tradition, two technical paradigms emerged: (1) an overall horoscope “ruler” whose delineation corresponded to the soul or (2) the configuration of the Moon, Mercury, and their rulers as a measure of soul. 


Literature Review on 1st House Topics

Astrological Physiognomy: History and Sources (April 20, 2010).

Astrology and the Soul: History and Sources (April 25, 2012).


Empirical Research on 1st House Topics

A Rectification Manual: The American Presidency (December 17, 2007). Proposed a model for computing the epikratētōr / hīlāj (“Giver of Life”) and continues with a discussion of the oikodespotēs / kadukhudhāh (“Giver of Years”) in Chapter 4.  Appendices C and D include worked out examples of this methodology for American Presidents and First Ladies.

Physiognomy of the Rising Decan: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Victor of the Chart - Tests of Ezra's Model  (November 11, 2011)

Victor of the Chart - Tests of Porphyry's Model (November 11, 2011)

Victor of the Chart (Soul): Database  (Ongoing updates)

Horoscope Data Files for Victor Study: Janus, Morinus, Placidus, Solar Fire

2nd House - Wealth

Central to the list of significators for wealth is the lot of fortune, the most well-known lot of approximately one hundred. Lots are computed zodiac positions based three horoscopic inputs. The lot of fortune (for diurnal figures) is computed by projecting the distance taken from the Sun to the Moon from the Ascendant. For nocturnal figures, the computation is reversed, e.g., the distance from the Moon to the Sun is projected from the Ascendant. There exists some ambiguity in the literature for nocturnal figures whether or not the computation should be reversed. Using data for twenty-two American Presidents, “Appendix B: Tests of Sect Influence: Part of Fortune/Fidaria” in A Rectification Manual confirms the validity of the reversed formula for nocturnal figures. 


Lot Calculator. An Excel spreadsheet model for computation of natal lots.


III. Prediction



Firdaria is a time lord technique believed to be of Persian origin created during the Sassinid Empire. Firdaria entered the Medieval Arabic tradition during the translation wave initiated by the Abbasid Caliphate beginning 750 CE. What is controversial is an alternate sequence of planetary time lords for nocturnal figures. Insertion of the North Node and South Node Firdaria period following the major Mars period for nocturnal figures is recommended by Robert Zoller and confirmed by analysis for twenty-two American Presidents. See “Appendix B: Tests of Sect Influence: Part of Fortune/Firdaria” in A Rectification Manual for details.


Firdaria Calculator. An Excel spreadsheet model for computation of Firdaria main and subperiods.


Primary Directions

As practiced by Medieval astrologers, primary directions occupied a central, if not the highest position, within the predictive hierarchy. Long abandoned for their mathematical complexity in favor of the easier to calculate secondary progressions, primary directions have been revived within the last ten years by traditional astrologers. 

Primary Directions Notation: Towards a Uniform Presentation Standard (April 21, 2010)
Book Review:
Primary Directions: Astrology’s Old Master Technique by Martin Gansten (October 6, 2009)

Primary Directions: Technical Notes (January 2009)

Primary Directions: Example Files to accompany Technical Notes (January 2009)




The Regulus USA National Horoscope

Ever since Ebenezer Sibly first introduced his proposed horoscope for the Declaration of Independence in his 1780 book “The Celestial Science of Astrology”, agreement on the correct USA National Horoscope has proven elusive with over a dozen different horoscope variations proposed.  America is Born:  Introducing the Regulus USA National Horoscope (November 25, 2008) is unique for its application of medieval astrological techniques to the question of modern National Horoscopes.  Included as a special application of primary directions is the largest empirical study of Directing through the Bounds ever attempted or presented.  Results that the directed Ascendant times shifts in the national consciousness represent a significant contribution to the history of American social movements.


AIB - Errata
AIB - Supplement Part I
AIB - Supplement Part II
AIB - Guide to Excel Data Files
AIB - Excel Data Files
AIB - Horoscope Data Files:
Janus, Morinus, Placidus, Solar Fire

2015-06-11 Regulus USA National Horoscope - Out of Sample Tests and Predictions


2008 USA Presidential Election; Birth Chart Rectification: Candidates and Contenders (November 20, 2007).  Provides complete rectifications for Michael Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Al Gore, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and Fred Thompson. 

The Birth Time of Barack Obama: Out-of-Sample Tests (December 30, 2008).  This article documents procedures for confirming a rectified birth time which may vary from a reported birth time.  In statistics, this procedure is labeled an ‘out-of-sample test.’  Testing continues to support the proposed rectified birth time of 7:54:28 PM despite the official birth certificate time reported as 7:24 PM.


Finding a Balance: Mundane and Natal Astrology in American Presidential Election Contests (May 8, 2012).  This article highlights the importance of Jupiter-Saturn aspects and eclipses in the selection of American Presidential candidates and winners.



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