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Regulus Astrology LLC was formed in 2007 as the vehicle to disseminate research findings on the practice of Medieval Predictive Astrology. The author completed Robert Zollerís Diploma Course in Medieval Predictive Astrology in March 2005. By client contract, the authorís identity remains anonymous. The author is restricted from participating in conferences and making any public appearances.


During the 20th century, modern astrology was wedded to the New Age Movement as a self-help tool for empowerment and transformation.  Despite these claims, the author of this website has found no evidence that astrology Ė whether modern or traditional Ė is capable of changing a personís life affairs beyond what is promised by the natal horoscope.  In the authorís experience, through working with a handful of the same clients over ten years as well as ongoing research into eminent individuals, what is described as self-improvement masques for the power of benefics to liberate when they are dynamically called forth from the horoscope as time lords, by direction, profection, or by transit.   When the power of benefics concludes, periods recalled as transformational typically end.  For these reasons the author holds to a strict form of astrological determinism consistent with the Hellenistic Stoicism. 

That said, advances in science and medicine can materially improve health beyond what is promised by natal astrology.  In addition, the author has personally witnessed examples of divine intervention which have produced effects outside what is promised by the natal horoscope.  In the authorís opinion, these effects are usually rare and transient.

Why Astrology Works 

At present, the author is partial to physical theories based on electromagnetism however the author fully recognizes that no such theory has ever been successful vetted by the scientific community.  If the physical theory behind astrology is correct, the author predicts that electromagnetism, or something similar, will be identified and confirmed as the reason why astrology works during the 20 years following the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 21, 2020.  The conjunction is placed in the bound of Mercury/Aquarius which occupies the first six degrees of Aquarius.   The author delineates Mercury/Aquarius as axioms, mantras, and laws tied to mathematics, science, history, and tradition.  Electricity is another delineation of Mercury/Aquarius.  If no such theory is proposed or survives vetting by December 31, 2035, the author will abandon physical theories as the basis of astrology.


The author accepts clients by invitation only.  I am currently full and am not taking on any new clients.



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