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A Rectification Manual: The American Presidency
(Regulus Astrology LLC, 2007, 796 pages, $59.95)
Available now from www.amazon.com and astrologers.com


“A Rectification Manual brilliantly and extensively demonstrates methods for bringing exactitude back into the field of astrology.”

-- Mary Plumb, The Mountain Astrologer

 “Try to condense almost all of what you know about astrology and organize it around one method and explain it so that an intermediate or advanced student or even practicing astrologer can understand it. The result would be a sophisticated text book of post graduate astrology, which is exactly what we have here.”

 -- Thomas Callanan, www.skyscript.co.uk


A Landmark Study in Chart Rectification

A Rectification Manual: The American Presidency presents the first synthesis of medieval astrology’s predictive techniques applied to natal chart rectification. For too many years, an incomplete predictive model has hampered efforts by astrologers to compute an accurate birth time. With no consensus on rectification methods, rectified birth times are commonly held in such disrepute they rank on par with dirty data, as defined by Astrodatabank, a leading astrology database vendor.

With the recovery of medieval predictive techniques, the era of disenchantment over rectification is now over. Not just Transits, Progressions, and Solar Arcs; but Fidaria, Directing by Triplicity, the Moon’s aspects, Directing through the Bounds, Primary Directions, Profections, and Solar Return aspects to natal Arabic Parts fill out a complete predictive toolbox. For the first time, proper attribution between life events and corresponding predictive methods is now possible; making accurate rectification an achievable feat.

The fruits of a multi-year research project include:

  • Solution to the infamous primary direction latitude problem with the discovery of the Primary Direction Sequence, the new Holy Grail of chart rectification.
  • Confirmation of the validity of Egyptian bounds (no Ptolemy bound rulers!)
  • Support for a distinct Part of Fortune calculation for nocturnal charts (Ptolemy’s day-only formula for night births is rejected!)
  • Rectified to-the-second birth times for each American President.
  • Preliminary rectified birth times for each First Lady.

A Rectification Manual is the largest collection of natal charts subjected to medieval predictive techniques available in today’s marketplace.

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Trade Paperback. ISBN 978-0-9801856-0-7

Available now from www.amazon.com and astrologers.com


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