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America is Born

 Introducing the Regulus USA National Horoscope
(Regulus Astrology LLC, 2008, 435 pages, $39.95)

Available now from  www.amazon.com and astrologers.com


Will the Real America Please Stand Up!

America is Born:  Introducing the Regulus USA National Horoscope presents the first application of medieval predictive astrology to the question of modern National Horoscopes.  Focusing on the Ascendant, over 300 measurements computed using both primary directions and solar arc directions are presented to support the rectification.

In development since 2002, highlights of this research project include:

  • Actual steps taken in 2002 and 2004 to compute a trial and final rectified solution for the symbolic moment of the July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence. 
  • How divination played a role in the AHA! moment of rectification.
  • A complete set of instructions, formulas, and illustrated examples for computation of Ascendant primary directions.  Beginners welcome!
  • The most comprehensive case study of Directing through the Bounds applied to a single horoscope ever attempted or presented.   
  • The ability of the directing Ascendant to time shifts in the national consciousness which correlate to mass social movements in American history.
  • The complete set of Ascendant-planet solar arc directions as supplementary evidence in support of the rectification. 


for any Astrologer interested in America’s Destiny



Trade Paperback. ISBN 978-0-9801856-2-1

Available now from www.amazon.com and astrologers.com



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